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MICA connects creative worlds from education and business. As a network, both online and offline. By promoting interaction between students and professionals, MICA is developing into a leading center for the creative industry.

Frequently asked questions

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Where is MICA located?
MICA is located at Sixmastraat 15 in Leeuwarden. Locals will know the building as home to the newspapers Leeuwarder Courant and Friesch Dagblad. Apart from Mediahuis Noord - the aforementioned newspapers’ publisher - other occupants are various media, marketing, communication, and cyber businesses, as well as students from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and ROC Friesland College (secondary vocational education).
When will renovation and construction start?
Building permits have been applied for at the municipality of Leeuwarden. In the course of 2022 we expect to see the first results of renovation and construction.
Can I apply to study at MICA?
Direct application is not an option. MICA is a collaboration between businesses and study programmes of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and ROC Friesland College. If you are enthusiastic about the creative industry, we suggest to apply at one of the mentioned knowledge institutions.
How can my company collaborate with MICA?
There are various opportunities for collaboration. You might be looking for permanent relocation, using a studio for a day, or hosting a brainstorming session in a creative environment. Or maybe you are interested in starting an inspiring project with students. Please contact us to discuss the options.
Who initiated MICA?
In 2018, Leeuwarden took the spotlight as Cultural Capital of Europe, after which the idea for developing a centre for the creative industry was conceived. In 2019, NDC Mediagroep (now Mediahuis Noord), NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and ROC Friesland College further developed the concept. The three parties signed a collaboration agreement, found another twenty partners from the creative industry, and collectively succeeded in being granted subsidy funding from the Ministry of Education.
Who owns the building?
FB Oranjewoud is the owner. As a part of Stichting Friesland Bank, the foundation aims to invest in and promote the economy and identity of the northern Netherlands. The renovation and construction of the building at Sixmastraat 15 in Leeuwarden overlaps with the developments of MICA as a project. FB Oranjewoud has contracted Kroeze & Partners as the property developer of the renovation and construction process.
Does the renovation require a zoning procedure?
Stage one of the property development plan (adding an extra two levels to the existing office building) is feasible within the current zoning plan. It simply requires an environmental permit. Subsequent stages of the development plan will require a zoning procedure. We will inform you of relevant details in due course.
Will this plan affect housing quality for local residents?
Consequences for local residents will be taken into account as much as possible. For instance, architects include research of the effect their designs have on sunlight and shade. Residents were fully informed in an online meeting (a live meeting was not possible due to coronavirus restrictions), and will be updated on developments by the time a zoning procedure is required.
Is sustainability an aspect of planning and development?
Sustainability in a broad sense is an important issue for the Media Innovation Campus. Together with partners, we are developing a sustainable mobility plan for MICA. Evidently, we promote using public transportation, cycling, and walking, as well as, potentially, (electric) car sharing. Our plans for energy use will be as green as possible as well.
Will the area become literally greener?
The property plan already includes a lot of green. Further development of the plan will continue to emphasize on reducing heat stress, options for water storage and abundant green areas.